Leipzig Residents Compete: Ideas for Urban Transportation

Poster for Ideas for Urban Transportation (source: City of Leipzig)

Poster for Ideas for Urban Transportation (source: City of Leipzig)

As part of the updated Urban Development Plan – Transport and Public Space due to be presented in 2013 the city of Leipzig invited public participation through a competition entitled Ideas for Urban Transportation (Ideen für den Stadtverkehr) in which city residents were able to submit their innovative ideas for developing the transportation network in Leipzig. 382 submissions (from individuals, schools, community groups etc) were received for a total of 618 ideas, and each entrant received a response regarding her or his ideas from the jury.

There were three categories based on the spatial level of the idea: citywide, district and neighborhood. Each of the first two categories had three winners while for the last category the jury recognized six ideas.

There is one reason in particular why I think this competition is worth mentioning. In contrast to other public idea competitions – which focus more on art and design aspects, give cash awards and have famous jury members but don’t attempt to get any ideas implemented, such as the Institute for Urban Design’sBy the City, For the City” as part of the 2011 Urban Design Week Festival in New York City – the city of Leipzig is encouraging futher discussion on five of the topics which received the most entries by holding public workshops. The goal is to then integrate the results from the workshops into the Urban Development Plan.

More Information:

Eltis – Leipzig Calls for Ideas from Citizens to Improve Local Transport

City of Leipzig – Transport Planning (in German)


National Urban Development Policy – Project Supporter of Ideas for Urban Transportation


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