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Money Side to Transportation

Being a New Yorker I almost started laughing after reading this article about fare hikes here in Hamburg, considering the past year’s worth and beyond of budget woes for the MTA.  Starting the 1st of January 2010 the price for a one way within the entire HVV zone is going up Continue reading


What Crisis?

Stadtbahn_BM_Bayern_925695g(photo from HHA) With NYC DOT trying to push Bus Rapid Transit on New Yorkers I thought it intresting this series of articles that came out this week in Hamburg newspapers relating to an upcoming fare hike, a new street car line to start construction 2012 and lastly a study that shows one third of Hamburg’s commuters would leave the car at home if they had better options with public transit.

I thought I’d start with a quick look at this new street car line, a LRT line connecting a ring of neighborhoods surrounding Hamburg City.  Ultimately the line will run from Bramfeld to Altona via Steilshoop, Winterhude, Eppendorf and Eimsbüttel.  Here’s the map with my extremely rough estimate of the new route (note: this is not the set-in-stone route.)  Currently these areas are only connected via buses.  The city wants to increase capacity along this line but not spend as much money as a new subway line would cost. Continue reading

Car Free Sunday 20.09.2009

HH - Autofreier Sonntag 2009 HH - Autofreier Sonntag 2009 Car Free Sunday.  It happened twice in Hamburg this summer, once in June and again in September.  It’s not an unusual thing, to close off a large segment of a major street to automobile traffic and open it up for pedestrians, cyclists, skaters and such.  The NYC Department of Transportation has Car Free Summer, successive Saturday closings of Park Ave from the Brooklyn Bridge to 72nd Street and then into Central Park via 72nd.  One of the things I found interesting about Car Free Sunday in Hamburg was that it was sponsored by the local transit system, the Hamburger Verkehrsverbund (HVV.)  Continue reading